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Rambler's Top100
Hotel Consulting and Development Group
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Market Research Methodology

In the preparation and support of investment summaries, business plans, market and feasibility studies and other analytical works, HCD Group have adopted a research methodology resulting from the compilation of the following statistics:

  • Tourism trends (foreign arrivals, room nights, segmentation by purpose of travel and origin);
  • Basic performance statistics of hotels in Moscow and the Russian Federation (occupancy, ADR., sales volumes, staff ratios, operating expenses)
  • Rack rate and discount tariffs fluctuations of the hotel supply in Moscow for the last ten years
  • Evolution in ADR, average room occupancy and tariffs found in European hotel markets;
  • Evolution in construction prices for office, retail, hotels and residential real estate;
  • Hotel investment projects in Moscow and the Russian Federation for the last five years;
  • Local, regional and national economic, demographic, social statistics for Greater Moscow and the Russian Federation. Official data extracted from the Ministry of Economic Development, the National Committee for Statistics (Goskomstat), Moscow Committee for Statistics (Mosgorkomstat) and expert estimations;
  • Statistics derived from sanatoria, spa and wellness facilities in the Russian Federation (number of operating facilities, number of patients, length of stay, treatment and accommodation prices, guestroom capacity, overall operational performance etc.);
  • Urban planning and infrastructural projects underway or envisaged in the given location of study;
  • Changes in legislation from local and national government entities, affecting the project status;
  • Average visitor-spend per average length of stay, total tourism revenues per hotel segment, volume of tour packages, discount packages in various leisure and commercial areas in Russia.
Statistic Sources:

HCD Group extracts its statistical research from the following local and national organisations:

  1. National Committee for Statistics (Goskomstat)
  2. Ministry of Economic Development
  3. Federal Border Statistics
  4. Committee of Foreign Economic Relations
  5. Moscow City Government
  6. Various Periodical Sources
  7. Internal Data
Our analytical market research is regularly published within leading specialised reviews such as:

Hotel (Отель) Russian language monthly hospitality magazine;
Five Stars (Пять звезд) Russian language monthly hospitality magazine;
RATA-NEWS (Russian language daily general periodical);
Expert (Russian language weekly business magazine);
Русский фокус (Russian language weekly business magazine);
Vedomosti "Ведомости" (Russian language daily review);
Money "Деньги" (Russian language monthly financial magazine);
Komersant "Коммерсант" (Russian language daily newspaper);
Russia Journal (English language daily newspaper);
Moscow Times (English language daily newspaper);
Real Estate (English and Russian language monthly magazine).

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