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Investment Summaries

The hospitality business offers new opportunities for investment. The main underlying question, which potential investors will ask is whether it is advantageous to build or take over an existing object. Assuming that market trends support the client's vision past the first hurdle of the project development, subsequent questions confront the potential investor and/or developer such as location, scope, concept development, target market, positioning, feasibility, and yield potential of the envisaged project. These open questions can only be resolved by means of hotel specific market research performed by professional consultants possessing in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry.

In order to assist clients inclined to appreciating answers to such queries in condensed form, HCD Group can prepare a brief overview regrouping the key elements of the given hospitality project. Unlike a fully comprehensive market and feasibility study, an investment summary presents a synopsis of the key findings associated with the given project in concise form within ten to fifteen pages, excluding the appendix. Such a summary prepared by HCD Group is divided into the following sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Method of Approach
  3. Summary of Findings and Conclusions
  4. Brief Project Description
  5. Site Analysis
  6. SWOT Analysis
  7. Concept Methodology
  8. Facilities Mix
  9. Investment Requirement
  10. Financial Operations Forecast
  11. Appendix
Hotel Consulting and Development Group have prepared investment summaries following the above structure for several hospitality projects in Russia including: city hotels, provincial boarding houses, conference centers, beach resorts, spa facilities, and mixed-used development schemes. Our team is capable of rendering such services on hospitality projects located in Russia, CIS and Europe. Prior to undertaking the assignment, our team can, at the request of the client, place particular detail on the following aspects:
  • Legal issues bearing on the hotel project;
  • Competitive performance benchmarking;
  • Preparation of the investment offers to hotel operators;
  • Hotel business valuations;
  • Project construction cost estimates;
  • Cash flow estimations of the investment scheme.

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